Sudden Kaki wilt death

Does any one know of any Asian persimmons that are resistant against
Sudden Kaki wilt death?


Bob Harper

I don’t know if certain varieties are more susceptible than others. What I do know is that they don’t like to be overwatered, and establishing the roots is very important in young kakis. Also, do not leave them in pots outdoors in the winter if below 22F- the roots will freeze and the trees will die.

Thanks for the reply RU,

I was hoping to graft the Sudden Death wilt resistant Kaki to existing American persimmon root stock.

I have already lost Fuyu, Rosseyanka, and another American/Asian hybrid to the Sudden Kaki Wilt disease.

Thanks for you input.

Bob Harper

From what I’ve read, astringent varieties tend to be longer-lived and presumably less susceptible to sudden death syndrome than non-astringent types. Saijo, Sheng, Tecumseh, and Smith’s Best/Giboshi are varieties I’ve seen on multiple lists of better surviving varieties.

Maybe the following would help:

I’ve had issue with kakis never breaking dormancy, but I think that is due to either one or a combination of the following: cold weather, poor root systems, or failed grafts.

I did lose a young hachiya or tanenashi years ago due to what appeared to be the wilt syndrome, but I thought it was because my father sprayed herbicide near it instead of insecticide.