Suffolk grapes?

I have searched the forum there isn’t much info on Suffolk grapes. I’m hoping to gather more info on this variety. Like skin and flesh flavor its described as meaty. what does meaty even mean? I’m looking for a good red seedless grape variety.

i have eaten and didn’t like:
global grape since they have seeds
candice tart skin but sweet inside
vanessa and ruby red has a thick skin

Does anyone have recommendations?

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I was lucky enough to taste test Suffolk Red at the Geneva, New York USDA Apple Orchard two years ago and I absolutely loved it. I only grow green seedless currently (4 varieties - Himrod, Interlaken, Lakemont, and Marquis) but wanted to experiment with a red that was very sweet/flavorful, so I ordered Suffolk Red from Burnt Ridge Nursery to put in this year. I’m looking forward to adding it to my collection.

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that is great to hear! i eaten himrod and i love its honey sweetness compared to interlaken and lakemont. : )

Out of the eight or so grapes I have, Gurney’s Tickled Pink was best. Terrible name, great grape.

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There is Reliance. It is for us cold-climate folks, but Skillcult is not a cold climate folk and he really likes it.


We grow Suffolk Red grapes at our orchard, Hocking Hills Orchard. And I will say they are delicious so much so that when they are ripe we keep them for ourselves. Now an even better red grape though is Vanessa, really delicious and another one that we keep for ourselves

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i tried it in my local market it is sweet a little too seeet for me. unfortunately. but it is a good grower

can you give me a comparison sulfolk vs vanessa. i belive vanese has a thicker skin and i worry thick skin grapes i tend to not able to chew so i split out.

I have Suffolk Seedless and Vanessa. I love Suffolk, it is large and sweet but as for the difference to Vanessa if my memory serves Vanessa is a little sweeter but both didn’t have skins I would regard as thick. Suffolk ends up being considerable larger when ripe.
I think I posted this picture somewhere on this site before but here it is again.

Suffolk Seedless



omg looks so beautiful! i seen suffolk grapes as a dark red when riped and somehow that photo is was smaller than vanessa. vanessa was a brighter more pretty red. how is the color?

The colour is not a deep red, I think there may be more than one type of Suffolk grape. The picture were before they were ripe and my grandkids got to them.

These are Suffolk Seedless, at least that is what the tag said. I have had mislabeled fruit before, so I am assuming they were correct.

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Could you describe the flavor of Marquis?
It is said it has pineapple flavor.

Marquis is our best producer each year (in zone 5b) it is the strongest and largest of the four plants. I wouldn’t describe the taste as pineapple. To me it’s just a super sweet white seedless grape (slightly larger than Himrod or Interlaken). I love the taste, and the raisins made from the grape in our dehydrator are the sweetest raisins I’ve ever had.


While researching ‘Suffolk Red’, most results say ‘Green bloom’ yet one result says ‘snowy-white flowers’, which is it supposed to be?

Thank you!