Sugar Pearls Apricot - Self Fertile?


This year I was able to validate that Sugar Pearl’s apricot does indeed seem to need a pollinator. I lost my Canadian White Blenheim last year after it bloomed and leafed out for a while. With no pollinator Sugar Pearls (always a heavy setter) managed to set only two fruits - I’m really not sure how it managed to do that since all my other trees are peaches.


Hi, would you recommend growing the Sugar Pearl apricot? how would you review/rate the fruit? gurney’s describes it as “honey flavor” makes it so temping to purchase. I have a Tilton that has been in the ground for 5 years with a total of 3 apricots harvested here in Spokane so I am hoping for something to that would produce and taste good for our area, I ordered a Canadian White Blenheim Apricot and was looking at these Sugar Pearls.

Thank you.


I have many varieties of apricots and production is almost never a problem. If anything, I have to do a lot of thinning. Tilton in particular is a tremendous producer for me. Add multiple varieties (more trees if the space allows it or graft onto the existing tree), and your apricot tree(s) will produce much better.


Thanks I am trying to add more variety and space was to not be a problem until you get over 200 trees in one year then few acres starts to get crowded, I think it might be a late frost issue or some thing but the fruit sets and then mostly all falls off at pea size. I am now trying to plant more late blooming stuff because a 2 year old moorpark bloomed and late frost hit killing the tree. Learning grafting this year also.


Check Bob Purvis’ lists and descriptions, his climate is probably not too different from yours, and he grows a lot of apricots.


Hey Paul! Nice to hear from someone here in the Spokane Valley. A stone fruit enthusiast to boot. Welcome!
Stan gave you some great advice with Purvis. The descriptions are excellent and he sells scions for grafting (I bought a bunch of them for this Spring).
Here is another great link from @scottfsmith on this forum:
He has experience with a lot of white apricots.
As for me, my wife bought this tree from Gurneys. I planted a Hunza for cross pollination. It turns out that we both enjoyed Sugar Pearls and neither of us really cared for Hunza. I pulled the Hunza out and replaced it with a Canadian White Blenheim. Unfortunately, after a year or two the Canadian White Blenheim died and I never got to try a fruit. I replanted last year and I hope it grows well next year.
From what I have been able to read, it sounds like there may be tastier white apricots than Sugar Pearl’s, but I don’t have any first hand experience.
I really like them and the tree sets very heavily for me. I like them so much, I planted the Canadian White Blenheim and I am attempting to graft Afganistan so I can try additional whites. I am also planning on grafting Orangered because everyone raves about it.
Sure hope this information helps you a lot!


Thanks lots of great info and scion, great site. This is the year I will be learning grafting, grafted 8 pluots last year for first try and 4 took, I was so surprised I bought some real tape and bands with wax to do a bunch this year :slight_smile:


Yes it does help me out Thank You, I went ahead and ordered the sugar pearl from Gurneys, I found out about acn nurseries recently from this site but they are all sold out of orangered trees so maybe next year. I did read @scottfsmith variety experience and wow what a read, he needs to write a book soon with all his growing experience. I am just beginning to learn about all this so lots of trial and error, trying all the pluots I can find to see if any do good here.


I can’t wait to see how your pluots do. I am going to give them a try this year as well. The plan is to graft them on to the various peach trees that I have. We’ll see how it goes. Trying Flavor Supreme, Geo Pride, Dapple Dandy, and Flavor King.