Suggestion for 300lbs of Peaches

I have access to a large peach tree full of what we call Iowa peaches. They are 1.5-2", a yellow green color, mealy. heavy skinned, limited peach flavor, fuzzy, and all I have. I’m thinking of pitting them, cooking them and running them through a colander and freezing them. I also have a dehydrator. Any way to boost their peachiness? Other ideas? I hate to waste them.

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… then freeze most of them without cooking in FoodSaver bags. Note: the unit needs 24 hours to pre-charge it’s battery. Then keep plugged in indefinitely.

Also put some aside and make southern-style peach BBQ sauce, freezing it in pint containers – and of course setting one aside for use right now!

Food Saver & bags


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Marmalade candies - I am doing some tonight. :slightly_smiling:

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I second freezing. Mediocre peaches taste a whole lot better in January!



Chikn, I’d recommend freeze them, or make jam. We’ve frozen, jammed, and canned peaches. Canned peaches can be good with spices, but the texture breaks down too much for my tastes.

Freezing breaks the texture down too, but you can still do a lot with them (cobblers, pies)

I posted a recipe for my customers using frozen peaches. Take about a pound of individual frozen peach slices and add a can of sweetened condensed milk (thick sweet stuff) in a blender. Blend, and the cold from the frozen peaches freezes the sweetened condensed milk to make a delicious soft serve peach ice cream.




Same here.

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I’ve been putting peaches in the blender and spreading out to dry as fruit leather. Its really easy if you have a dehydrator and tastes fantastic.


I have recently sun-dried some farmers-market peaches that were mediocre for fresh eating and they turned out pretty good.

300 lbs of 1/4 lb peaches – that’s about 1200 peaches!

How about 100 gallons of peach wine? 15 pounds of peaches makes a 5 gallon batch

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Do you have a good recipe for Peach wine?

I made two 5 gallon batches but its too soon to say how good it will be.

5 gal water
8 # sugar
15 # peaches
8 tsp acid blend
1 tsp tannin
5 tsp yeast nutrient
2 1/2 tsp pectic enzyme
1 pack lavin 1118 yeast

The second batch got a different yeast and no acid blend, pectic enzyme or tannin


Let us know how it turns out. If I ever get a decent peach crop I would like to try making peach wine. I have traveled a lot in China and the availability of fresh fruit juice is amazing - and it is cheap. I would like to learn the best way to make non-alcoholic peach juice also.