Suggestions for a weather station with reliable soil probe?

I’m thinking of buying a weather station for my back yard, as currently I don’t have any thermometers or sensors of my own and just check nearby CWOP stations on the weather service map. However, I’m in a bit of a protected (from the north wind at least) valley compared to the nearest station about a mile away, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m a few degrees warmer, and I’d also like to keep track of soil temperature and moisture, to see if my avocado victims tend to die when they cross a certain threshold.

I’ve never owned a weather station before, and it looks like most of the reviews of particular models are sponsored/ads/affiliate links. Does anyone have a recommendation for a sturdy unit that has the option to add soil probes? Not looking for state of the art, but would like for it to be able to be added to the CWOP network if possible, so some kind of internet connectivity would be good.