Suggestions for vertical gardening needed

Looking for suggestions on what varieties and types of veggies/fruits to grow on cattle panel arches and vertical panels.
I am in Zone 7a/b in North Alabama so high humidity and hot hot hot.
Perennial ideas are good.
What I have is 4 raised beds where I will install cattle panel arches (6 total - two side by side). Will grow yard long beans and bitter melon but have room for other suggestions.
I also have a long concrete block raised bed where I have 11 vertical panels that vary from 6 foot to 8 foot tall.
I am thinking of some tomatoes if I can ever get them to vine right and different types of squash (summer and winter). Have room for a lot of suggestions here.

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I like your tubs from Tarter Gate company over here in Kentucky!
Looks like you’re ready to garden.
May be best to study some seed catalogs.
For climbing, tomatoes, pole beans, peas are good veggies to try.
Almost everything likes a raised bed…
maybe not corn.

For the panels peas, climbing beans (ie scarlet runner Kentucky wonder), malabar spinach loves the heat, also cubumbers, squash pumpkins