Suggestions needed to rootstocks

My friend sent me four peach seedlings, that I want to use as rootstocks to graft peaches. I planted them in Dec last year and found they already sprout now. I am in 6B and even my royal apricot, which is usually the earliest in blossom in my backyard, is still in dormancy. I never had a chance to taste apricots. They usually were killed by the spring frost.
My question is what will happen to the peach varieties grafted on them if the rootstocks will sprout in early spring. Will they sprout early as the rootstocks?
If I need to order peach rootstocks, please recommend what type of rootstocks and nursery.

I also want to find rootstock, which are compatible to the flowering apricot. Please help!

The following picture is the variety of flowering apricot that I want to graft on.

Thank you very much for your help!
I searched on website for lovell rootstocks for small quantities and no result.
Finally, I made decision to use four peach seedlings to graft Prunus mume by using low cut. I will put more soil to cover the grafting part to encourage the Prunus mimes to grow their own roots.
Last year, I found Walmart had peach trees at $13. I will check Walmart again this year and buy more peach trees instead of rootstocks.

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