Suggestions with grafting pluot onto a nectarine root stock

Hello everyone. I Purchased this tree as a sun glow nectarine off of Stark brothers nursery. Unfortunately I don’t know what the Rootstock is. Just last week my dog ate the entire top off of it and I was going to graft more sun glow onto the top. (Luckily I have learned to graft this year or I would have just thrown it away.) Thank you guys :relaxed:
In my sleep last night ha ha I thought about grafting A dandy dapple pluot Instead of a nectarine. I already have a nectarine tree that is placed directly behind this one and don’t really need another.

Is it possible to graft a pluot onto a nectarine tree?

If so should I just cut the tree down to the root stock seen in the pictures and graft it onto that or do it as the picture shows at the top (this was a regraft I did on wed). I would love to graft both a nectarine and pluot on one tree also if that’s a possibility. I think that would be fun also.

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It is my understanding that you can graft pluots onto peaches or nectarines. I am attempting to do just that on four of my trees this Spring.

Yes,Pluots and Plums do very well on Peach/

Awesome. I will try to add both on that one tree. So if I graft one scion of nectarine and one of pluot side by side like in the pic. Will they both grow as a trunk and merge? Or will one die off? Or is this just bad practice?

If both survive,they will be separate branches.It might work but there may be a weak point there at the union,later

Ok. Sounds like in the long term I should probably just go with one variety. I will more than likely stick with pluot. Should I cut the tree all the way to the graft below and start fresh or start on the nectarine part of the tree? Would it matter?

That shouldn’t matter.It depends on,what desired height the branching is going to start

Ok. Thank you for your reply!

If I understand correctly, you could let the rootstock grow multiple branches and then graft your different varieties to those as different scaffolds.

I hope that’s right because I got two peach rootstocks this spring that I’m letting grow low scaffolds now :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea. I will look at the tree to see if it’s possible. :pray:t4:

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