Sulfur Clogging

I bought some “Hi Yield wettable sulfur 90W” to use on my pears. But it keeps clogging my pump sprayer. I used 3 Tbs per gallon as suggested, adding the water first then sulfur and shaking. Any suggestions? Willing to buy a better mixing sulfur if needed.
Sulfur: Hi-Yield Powder Sulfur 4 lb. - Ace Hardware

Schedule: Pear PF-2C spray

I use Bonide sulphur powder and Chapin sprayer. Never had any issues with clogging.

I have a Chaplin 4 gallon backpack sprayer. I will give the bonide a try next time. Thanks.

I think you can avoid clogging by a new mixing approach.

I mix the “ ingredients” in a bucket first. Use a clean 5 gal Home Depot bucket. Pour water in first then micronized sulfur. Mix it well.

The best mixing device for me is using a helix painter mixer attached to a power drill. Liquid spray is really well mixed with this method.

Then pour the mixed ingredients in a sprayer.
If your sprayer has a strainer, that is even better.


What tip are you using?

I will give that a try next time.

Honestly not sure. It’s the “regular” tip that came with the sprayer. It came with a “fan” and “regular” tip. But it was clogging before it got to the tip, the large slotted screen in the handle.

I had a generic micronized sulfur that gave my tip problems. I was using a nice brass pinhole tip and has problems with it. I’m using the Bonide sulfur with the following tip, and no problems. I think I have a number 8 mesh strainer.