Summer Pruning for a Small Fruit Tree

I did a search…and seems we havent discussed this much… Summer Solstice pruning for a smaller fruit tree… Not sure if its common knowledge or new to some folks… but personally i want small compact fruit trees.

Late winter is an ideal time to prune for structure and aesthetics, but not for controlling height: Branches grow vigorously in spring. To keep your tree small and sturdy, prune in June, around the summer solstice. By removing leafy growth then, your tree is put on a diet of sorts; fewer leaves means less photosynthesis, which decreases the amount of food made by the plant. Reducing available nutrients and energy, along with summer pruning, helps your tree stay short.

By the time of the solstice in late June, a tree’s resources will have migrated from the roots and trunk to be stored primarily in the foliage. Solstice pruning will remove some of those resources and reduce late season root growth. In other words, summer pruning will slow a tree down, a desirable result for compact fruit trees.

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love David the good! i always tell my wife when she passes im going to put her ashes in my compost pile and use it to feed her blackberries. lol! hey, why waste good nutrients!

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