Summer pruning of persimmon to control size

My persimmon that died back in winter of 2017-2018 to four alive buds is trying to take a revenge and growing like crazy. It is about 5’ tall now, with at least 3 layers of branches and probably grow twice more for the summer. The problem is, I only have 8’ structure for it for winter protection. I feel I need to do summer pruning, but have no idea what to start with and when. Can somebody give me some ideas? Surfing the internet I got to the @scottfsmith message on some other site that he is doing a lot of summer pruning for persimmons, but no instructions. Scott, can we have them here? :grin:


Bumping up :grin:.
@scottfsmith , would you mind to share your technique of persimmon pruning? I found this old post and response from you
Pruning techniques for Giant Fuyu to keep it under 12 ft. tall?.
I hope you will let us know the details! What is the proper time to prune and how you choose what branches to prune?

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