Sunchoke, jerusalem artichoke, Variety Selection

Hello, I previously found a thread on here with someone comparing Sunchoke varieties, but my searching now can’t find it. Has anyone compared varieties? I was going to buy some generic ones, but then I found the Oikos site and they have over 20 varieties! Does anyone have any recommendations? Or a supplier they would use?

Also, they sell in quantities of 4 tubers. How many would you get to start and possibly get some this fall. Or does it take a couple years?




Search great sunchoke experiment. D

Thanks, a nice write up, but unfortunately not much info on named varieties. I did find it useful in that thread that I could maybe pick some up at Whole Foods to plant. Not sure if I have one of those nearby.

I did that this Winter. Found them at a grocery store and bought them for seed. Just planted them in containers about a week ago. We’ll see how they do.
I planted some a few years ago in the ground, but feral pigs ate them with my sugar cane. D