Suncrisp first year

I planted a Suncrisp and a Winecrisp from Starks. Well I broke the rules and allowed two apples to grow on my Suncrisp because I was so surprised that they would grow on such a small tree and the comments by people who have this tree are so positive I had to taste it as soon as possible. What a great apple, very attractive and nice flavor. I can’t say it had any Cox flavor, more Golden Delicious, but definitely a keeper!


Ive heard its a great apple as well. I bench grafted suncrisp onto B9 in '15 so hoping to get a few fruit next year.

I would agree, its more GD than Cox. Its only 1/4 Cox, its also 1/4 Cortland.

This year my Rubinettes ripened in a lot more heat than usual, and they also taste a lot more like GD than Cox whereas they are usually the other way around.

I have a tall spindle set up and a few apple trees that haven’t wowed me ( Crimson Crisp and the new Crimson R Gold) so I may graft a Suncrisp onto one of them next year.

I grafted some Suncrisp buds this summer - hope they take!

When we went to the orchard yesterday, we sampled some apples before we went out to pick some.

The Suncrisp we tried had a nice sweet tart balance, with a different fruit taste lying underneath. My wife said it reminded her of peach and I said it had almost a faint banana flavor. Very unique apple. Are these opinions common for this apple?

We liked it enough that we might even add this variety next year.

I thought it had a touch of anise. Whatever it is, its excellent!

The only downside for me is I already have many great Golden Delicious children and sports. it is surprising how many of my top apples are in the GD school.

Since I lost the only remaining GD-family apple I had, I look forward to seeing how Suncrisp works out. From subdood’s description, it sounds rather like Criterion

I have eaten Suncrisp as grown at a southern Pennsylvania farm and stored until December. They had a distinct pear-like flavor.

This is my suncrisp today and thinking I may harvest them I’m in 6b michigan what do you think?


I picked Sun Crisp in Oct last year. You can pick one and see what the taste and seeds are like.

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My suncrisp I tried was way to tart I’m hoping they’ll calm down with more time on tree. The seed we’re dark not black yet so fingers crossed

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