Sundowner Apple

Anybody growing Sundowner in Southern California? I planted this tree in January of 2014 so this is the first fruit set. Maybe I am missing something but I think I have a different tree. Think they slipped a Dorsett Golden in there. Which sucks as I already have 2. Fruit looks similar.

It is my understanding that Sundowner is to ripen late…say September …October with Pink Lady? My Pink Ladies are golf ball size.

Anyone else have experience or thoughts?


Ya, my thought is just like yours, that’s not Sundowner. It’s later than Pink Lady. That’s a bummer. I’d be wanting a refund.

Well boo. What fruitnut said. Where did you buy your supposed Sundowner? They need to refund or replace. Too bad, the tree looks so healthy. Dang.

Ya it’s a bummer! It really took off this year too :(.

Purchased it from Bay Laurel as with most of my trees and have never had any problems…guess I was due.

I will get in touch with them tomorrow. Anything in particular they need for a return?

They are very nice folks. Send them the photo, and your order #, that should do it :slight_smile: How are your chickens doing, btw?? Love that chicken coop, it is the bomb.

Thanks Patty~

Got me some new additions a couple weeks ago for the coop…

I tried to post a video…but I guess I am not allowed or the file type is not…oh well.


They’re so cute! What kind of chickens are they? And, think you can post a video, just not sure how.

Sundowner = Cripps Red and is a sibling of Pink Lady, FWIW. The Orange Pippin says that’s a very late ripening apple.

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Sundowner ripens in late January-February. What you have is definitely now Sundowner.


Jennifer it’s a shame they messed up your order, but it sure is a great looking tree. Nice thick trunk for such a young tree.

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Applenut, the irrigation tubing in your photos, did it come in sections or rolls? If rolls, how did you get it to lay out so straight. Looking at it online I assumed it was the polyethylene that wanted to retain it’s rolled shape and be difficult to work with.
What brand is that and where did you get it if I may ask?

Yes, it’s poly pipe; it comes in 500’ rolls from Bonnet Irrigation, a commercial irrigation supply house. It still wants to curl, I buy a roll of galvanized wire and make my own staples to hold it in place in the pots.

Always buy your irrigation supplies at a commercial supply house. They will sell to anyone and even sell you one drip emitter. The stuff they carry is twice the quality of Home Depot and is usually much cheaper, and the guys behind the counter know their stuff. The Bowsmith drip emitters you see in the photo are absolutely bomb-proof; I’ve NEVER had one clog up or fail.


Looks like a lawn staple in one of the pots. I noticed and wondered the same thing in Zaiger’s orchard and saw the lawn staples holding down the tubing.

Most of them are mutts…are chickens called mutts…lol? Others are Cukoo Marans and Welsummers. The Welsummers look like birds of prey right now it’s awesome!

I believe it is in the wrong format. I probably have to upload it to photobucket or flicker. It was just of the babies flying around and being chickens.

I know it IS a shame. Not sure what I will do with 3 of what I believe to be Dorsett Golden apple trees. Even funnier is that they are all on different rootstocks.One on a ultra dwarf, one planted this January on M-111 for a bigger tree and the not Sundowner is on M-7. Suppose I could just sell some apples or sauce…lol. Ugh…I hate taking out a nice tree so they will all probaly stay. :slight_smile:


Yes, the local landscape supply calls them “grapas” (Spanish for “staples”). They are uncoated, and once installed they rust and are almost impossible to pull out.

Pick a rootstock and start grafting over DG to something, anything, several anythings, and have your very own frankentree- might give you a chance to trial varieties or play with exotics … ?

:- )M

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Agree w/ Markmnt: Get some scions and top work those bad boys. Trees with established root systems = tabula rasa. Put a new “flavor” on top!


Well, so now you’ve done it, Jennifer. Was at my local nursery trying to find Cordyline ‘Electric Pink’ for a pot outside, and there were all these very lovely Sundowner apple trees all lined up, looking for a nice home. I felt really bad. I couldn’t just leave them all there alone with no home. So one found its way into my wagon. Now where the heck to squeeze it in… Only downside is they were all on M7, which I don’t really like. I prefer M111. M7 gets big and it suckers like the dickens. But, that’s what they make Felcos for, so, going to evaluate my walk & pick orchard and see if I can squeeze this little tree in, or, look at the likely candidate for some shovel pruning (could be the Bella Gold Peacotum since its on year 4 with no fruit).


Now you just need to find a Lady Williams to keep your Sundowner company during the long, lonely days of January when not much else is fruiting. Do it just because you can, not many apple-growing regions can grow these two.