Sunflower love

First time growing sunflowers. Do you see the heart in the middle of the flower?


That’s a monster!

Posted this to our Facebook page today


I had a few make it after the deer had their fill!!


I grow mammoth and Mongolia sunflowers this year but have not bloomed yet


What variety are the sunflowers in the front? I really like those.


My sunflowers got eaten by deer. :rage:

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Mine the deer are every single leaf but didn’t touch the flowers. One of the flowers is just barely hanging on with a sliver and the flower is still getting seeds. Seems the mammoths are actually pretty tough. Mine have been anyway…

They are all from the Pro-cut series. I believe the ones up front are the Procut Gold

Planted pretty close together about 4 X 6 inches for cut your own

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I found them on Johnnys. Thank you. I’ll have to get them for next year.

Mongolian Giant, not as giant as I’d hoped.

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They didn’t survive unfortunately. Must have been no energy for them after being eaten on. I was away from a few weeks and came back to all dead sunflowers. Bummer… I’ll try again next year!