Sunrise pear


Does anyone have any experience with the Sunrise pear? ACN says it is fire blight resistant and ripens in early to mid August. I can find very little info on this pear within this sight or on the general internet.

I was sold on Harrow Sweet, but that would give my three pear trees ripening about the same time. I would rather have a continuous harvest of something than loads of one fruit all at the same time.

Any other early pear recs?


I have an Ubileen right now. It hasn’t fruited for me yet, but seems very disease-free thus far. Has better foliage than my Harrow Sweet, and zero signs of fireblight thus far. It is supposed to be one of the earliest, and I’ve heard good things about the taste.


I just checked it out and it looks promising. My only concern would be that it flowers too early and the frost gets it, but that is exactly the type of tree I am looking for.


I don’t, but I would love to learn more on home growers’ experience with this cultivar.


I never heard anything else about this pear. Sorry I can’t help more.


It is more widely grown in Canada. I am growing it for the first time this year. It was recommended in an article I read for commercial production. Sounds like a great early ripening variety.



It seems very interesting, therefor, I’m planting one this spring :slight_smile: