Sunshine Blue cross-pollinator options

I am in Zone 5b and picked up some blueberry bushes from Lowe’s hat are Sunshine Blue. Was looking at cross-pollinator’s and the options I have are Pink Lemonade, Perpetua, Jelly Bean or Peach Sorbet. Would any of these be good pollinators or should I be looking for another variety?

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Hard to say…I am not certain they even need a pollinator. Heavy crop here…berries a little small.

I know they don’t need a pollinator but have read they do better with one. I got a Perpetua to go with it and will see how it goes.

Some of your fruit catalogs will list either in order of ripening, or order of flowering, or both.
Indiana Berry, Nourse Farms, Burnt Ridge, Raintree, DiMeo, etc.