Supermont Cherry

I have a love of tart cherries and I’ve been working to build a collection of different cultivars in my orchard. A few years ago, I saw a new variety named Supermont being sold. I didn’t buy one at the time, and now I’m regretting it because I can’t seem to find one anywhere. They were sold by Jung Seed and Grandpa’s Orchard, but neither sells them anymore. I’ve even contacted NYAES/Cornell with no luck. Does anyone know of a source for these? If not, would anyone have any scion wood to share? I know the name “Supermont” is trademarked, but as far as I can tell, the variety isn’t patented. Any information would be helpful. Granpa’s Orchard published the following Facebook post about it a couple of years ago: A Little History about Supermont Tart... - Grandpa's Orchard | Facebook

I have a small tree planted 2 or 3 springs ago (I forget at the moment!). We picked a handful of cherries last year. It is our only cherry tree so I can’t compare size, but they weren’t huge. The flavor was great though – enough sweetness to eat fresh but plenty of tart tang. But that’s my uneducated, never-tried-other-backyard-cherries opinion. I will send you a message.


I planted two on my properties in 2016. The variety hasn’t shown much vigor in the three seasons they have been in the ground. They are in two different soils types (silt-loam and clay-loam) about 25 miles apart. I have planted other tart cherries in these locations that have done much better and are fruiting.