Sure picked a good time to just stop raining

Last heavy rain was 3/21. Since then only 0.18”. New veggie crops are DRY. Can’t drag the hose with my broken foot. My 10 year old tries, but we have a kink in the hose he can’t locate.

Picked a fine time to quit raining.

We haven’t had a decent rain since October. Suits me fine. No diseases or insects on the fruit trees. Melons and sweetcorn look great with a couple of watering on each. Hasn’t rained in my greenhouse in 15 yrs. Just the way I planned it. Life is sweet…!!

I hope you are up and about soon. A broken foot sounds like a real downer.


Fruits are fine, it’s the newly planted vegetables like lettuce and stuff that I’m worried about.

I don’t mind watering, our groundwater is actually still quite high because it was such a wet year last year. The issue is just my inability to get out there to do it.

I’m getting the same dry treatment. I can’t remember a dry spring, it seems to be either wet or really wet.

Sorry to hear about your foot. For me its a bad back now, getting the stuff done but suffering after.


Spring ‘17 was fairly dry.

It’s like someone flipped a switch. The last three or 4 “rain events” have turned out to be nothing more than about five hundredths of an inch.

Don’t worry, it will start raining again as soon as your fruit start ripening.


I live in the NW, so last year I tried digging 2 deep trenches and raised bed. I am experimenting in water filling up the trenches in a downpour and seeing if it leads to less watering needs. In my small garden I plan to put 2 liter soda containers into the soil to water roots directly and save water and prevent some leave diseases that way as well. Summer here is the only dry season I have to water.

Where are you all located? Feels like it’s been raining non-stop here for six months.