Surinam Cherry (Eugenia uniflora)


A couple years ago I planted a Surinam Cherry in my front entry way. It’s now flowering like gangbusters!


Mine has a ton of flower buds on it too this year…

and one big fruit!




Yeah, I got maybe 15-20 flowers in November… all the other fruit fell off in the heavey santa annas we had. But this one held and it is pretty big and still green and growing bigger. Now it is loaded with flower buds. I wouldn’t mind if it has more that one crop per year (if it turns out not to be a fluke of our unusually warm winter).


Fruits year-round in native habitat. Growers in my region get about 5 crops in 3 years.


Is the SC cherry taste close to our sweet tart cherry?



Nope. Also – they are not Prunus, but rather in the Myrtle family.


They do have a vauge cherry taste to me, but there is an underlying resinous flavor that is not unpleasant when the fruit is compleatly ripe.


Fruit is getting some color now…