Surprise crabapples!

I have a slow-moving stream in the far back of my property that has a lot of small trees growing along the bank. Most are overwhelmed and choked by bittersweet (a scourge in my area of MA). My wife went after the bittersweet this spring, and to our huge surprise we have a wild-growing crabapple tree under all the bittersweet!

It looks to be bearing quite a bit of fruit. The fruiting branches look to be primarily coming from suckers growing off of an older main trunk that is right near water’s edge. Fruit is currently ~1" diameter and has been growing, so I’m hoping for edible fruit later this summer/fall.

The question I’m asking is whether we can tell what kind of crabapple it is. I’m in northeastern MA (zone 6a), the tree is clearly ok with wet feet. We think blossoms are white/pink. Tree is at least 6 years old (possibly much older). If anyone has suggestions for what variety it may be, or what other information would be needed to identify it, I’m all ears!