Surround first time this morning

I finally broke open my huge bag of surround this morning and mixed a small sprayer of it. To my surprise it mixed and sprayed without any problems. Thinking of exclusively using the spray instead of bags on my pears this year. Most of my damage appears to come from PC when I don’t bag but they only seem to be able to cut the fruit while it is small. Might stop spraying a test limb when the fruit gets about quarter size and compare the results. Have any of you stopped the surround spray at a set time/size and what was the results?


Glad to hear it went down easily. For many years I stopped Surround when the curc was done. I did use some spinosad later but not a lot. Most of my pears came through pretty good that way. But more recently I had to start it up again in later June due to stink bugs which love pears more than any other fruit in my orchard.

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Thanks, I had forgotten about the stink bugs.