Surround Ordering

I’m looking for a cost effective place to order surround in smaller quantities. Any reply’s are welcome. Thanks, Bill

Planet Natural 25# 39.50 with shipping 64.02

Amazon 25# 75.95 + $4.49 shipping

Seven Springs 25# (got this site from an old post from Scott) 36.25 with shipping 59.31

Grow Organic has 25 lb for $39.99 plus $12.99 shipping. They are out until Dec 10th but I assume you will not need it until spring.

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Your right I won’t need it until spring. That is the best price I’ve seen. Thanks, Bill

Schlabach’s 2015 catalog has a 25lb bag for $39. It says to “add $6 per bag shipping if ordered separately.” Not sure if that is in addition to regular shipping charges or not. Regular shipping charges for books and sprays (not trees) are $3 per item. Their catalogs usually come out after Christmas for $2. Address is 2784 Murdock Road; Medina,NY 14103. They don’t take phone orders but you can ask them a question at 585-798-6198.

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Thank you

I bought mine from Groworganic in2014.

I will call Schabach to find out. I have placed an order for Fuji and Rubinette from them for this spring. If that will help lower shipping cost, I will buy a new bag from them.