Susquehanna Paw Paw ripening

After 4 years of waiting my Paw Paw trees finally gave a a decent crop. The 1st one to ripe is Susquehanna. It is better than any paw paw I have eaten in the wild. Though not that far of a leap. Best of all no bitter after taste. It is too sweet for me. The equivalent of a soft persimmon. 5 friends and I think it was very good. Thinning to one fruit per cluster does not affect the size of the fruit. Atleast I didn’t see any difference.


Looks good. Susquehanna flesh is a bit firmer than Shenandoah and Mango. I liked all three. I really like the soft flesh of Mango.




My Susquehanna has been growing really well.

Prima 1216 too. (1 fruit hanging on)

Since i planted them last year the trunk diameter has doubled.

Only Shenandoah and Overleese are slow growing.

All had some flowers this year along with some fruitlets but most were dropped because the trees are still young.


Just to clarify, when did you plant your trees and how big were they when you did?

I have some paw paws, including Susquehanna, that are on their second leaf in the ground. Mine are growing well so far this year but I have a hard time seeing them getting to be as big as yours in just two more years.


Not much beats the first fruit from a tree you’ve been waiting on…congrats and enjoy them!


I planted them in Fall ‘12. I remember someone here said they sleep, creep then leap. Which is right, the first 2 years they were barely moving. 3rd year and on 3-5’ growth each year. They are in their 5th leaf in my yard. The left most plant in the second pictures from the bottom was a wild seed in 2012. It’s almost as big as the rest of them and has its first flower this year. I have 1 seedling behind it that’s about 3’ tall at the same age. I guess it’s stunted because of shade and poor soil. Mango got ran over by my truck on its second year and has to start over. Susquehanna is the most beautiful tree of all. Overleese is the smallest. Even though it is in the best location. if you look closely at that picture, where the middle branch break off from the rest was all this year growth. We still have a good month of growth left. And lastly, I notice paw paw love to be mulch.