SW Missouri 6b

Hello from SW Missouri. I am new to fruit trees and only have one 3 yr of apple and one 1 yr old pear tree. It will be nice to search this forum and learn from experienced growers. Thanks again to all.

Ooops, I think this is in the wrong spot. Need to lurk more.


Welcome Meatburner. If you have any questions then just ask. Members here are very helpful.


Welcome, Keith. We hope you enjoy your time here, and that you’ll learn a lot from a great bunch of knowledgeable folks.

@Derby42 is also from yer part of the woods, as well as a few other folks here. I grew up in NE OK and now live in NE KY, but am familiar with the Joplin and Springfield area. Very nice countryside there.



Yes, nice to see someone else so near by join. Fruit growing can be so regional.

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