Sweet apples

Anyone here growing Virginia sweet, Sweet delicious, Sweet winesap, or Arkansas sweet apples? Would love to know about any of the 4. How are they for fresh eating? Thank you in advance


Did you ever get any information on these varieties?

I’ve got Sweet Delicious and Arkansas Sweet scions to graft this year. I grafted Sweet Winesap (aka Hendrick Sweet) a few years ago. My two trees struggled through a couple winters and then died the third spring. Just too cold here I assume.

No I never did find anyone that could give me any info on anything other than Arkansas Sweet. He says the apples off that tree are great. Very crisp and sweet. I have it grafted this year. Also have two trees of sweet delicious that are 4 or 5 years old now. Hoping they fruit this season. I have an Orleans antique that I got from stark bros, same parents as sweet delicious (delicious x deacon jones) that is an absolutely fantastic apple. It is probably the best apple that I’ve personally grown.

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Thats good to hear about Arkansas Sweet and Sweet Delicious’ parents. Thank you. I hope my grafts are good and they can survive our winters.