Sweet cherry grafted to Romance

My Romance bush cherries produced over 35 gallons of cherries this year. There are lots of suckers. My three sweet cherry trees have produced 2 quarts of cherries total in 12-14 years, plus are too tall to net easily. Has anyone tried grafting Lapins or Kristin to any of the Romance cherries? It vaguely seems I heard sweet and sour are not compatible, but I might be mistaken.


i grafted 2 z4 rated cherries to my monty. both took. think kristen is one. dont remember the name of the other. montys parents were half sweet cherry.

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Wanted to follow up on this experiment and see how it is going. It sounds like the plan is dwarfing sweet cherries and getting some fast production.

my monty nearly died from -40 temps 2 winters ago. its still recovering. leaves are sparse on some limbs. 1 graft got killed the other is still pushing growth. the rest of the tree set a decent crop of fruit despite the damage but no blooms on the sweet branch yet

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