Sweet cherry looking ill…

We have multiple Stella sweet cherry trees and one of them is not looking good. I don’t see any insect damage per se, but I haven’t exactly been inspecting them very frequently either. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I’m in zone 5B NH…

Could it be a shot hole disease?

How long have you had your cherry trees without any issue? Mine got cherry left spot from year one!!

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Could be shothole. Have you treated with a fungicide before bud break? Sometimes excessive rainfall can cause cherry foliage to curl acting like PLC. Last year I thought I had shothole, but found that ants were placing aphids on the foliage causing them to curl up and deform. Check to see if you need to treat for aphids, they can be hard to see without a magnifying glass, ants crawling up the trunk can be a taletell!
Kent, wa

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We have had these cherry trees for four years now and this is the first year of ugliness. I looked up shot hole disease, and I don’t see any pictures or descriptions with the aborted leaves like I have….

Dennis, we did not treat with fungicide this year, or any other year for that matter. I did but Kocide copper to spray, but temperatures and timing never worked out. I’m hoping next year to spray the entire orchard with copper just to knock back any disease.

Would you mind explaining “aborted leaves”? The pics only showed leaves with holes.

The other cherry trees are fully leafed out and every cluster of leaves looks normal, whereas this tree seems to have leaf “buds” that never grew leaves… see pictures below of normal trees and next to last the abnormal tree.