Sweet Cherry on Colt

Does anyone here have a sweet cherry on a Colt rootstock? How big has it gotten? The label says 16 feet in heavy soil which is what I have. Any success in keeping it smaller and not affecting production too much?

I have a 4 in 1 that I’ve been battling for a year now to keep in balance. I’ve pruned back the most vigorous (Bing) variety and the entire tree stopped growing for 3 months just like last year! The weakest graft (Van) and others are finally growing again. I’m not sure why the tree took so long to get back on track. :persevere:

I have Minnie Royal and Royal Lee on Colt. Have to do SERIOUS summer pruning to try to keep it in check. It would like to be 40’ (I’m probably exaggerating, but not by much). 4th year to do summer pruning to bring it down. Hoping this will be the last really sizable pruning in the summer. That should retard the growth at this point. Last year I did MAJOR pruning, and this spring both trees were so covered in blossoms they looked white. Poor set, but tons of blossoms.

Thanks for the reply, Patty. Do you have any pics? What size are you planning to keep them at?

I think there are photos of my cherry trees on the forum, would have to check, but pretty sure. I try to keep them under 12’ so I don’t have to use a ladder. I am very “anti-ladder” in my yard. Saw just way too many injuries come through the ER in my day due to ladders in the home. I’m very fond of my hips, and plan on keeping them without replacements, if possible :wink:

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I found them I think.

I have a Lapins on Colt. planted in 2010. It was actually sent to me by accident. It had its first cherry this year, so I even hopefully bagged it. I don’t think the cherry is there any more. The tree is still fairly small, maybe 8 feet tall or so. I don’t expect any great yields here in zone 4a, but even an occasional small harvest would be thrilling. I also have a Kristin on Colt which has not produced yet, either.

I had 3 cherries on Colt:
-Black Tartarian
-Royal Rainier (later multi-budded with Ulster)

All planted Spring of 2014. Then they were ravaged by deer and japanese beetles, and a terribly cold winter. I also tried to multi-bud them that August (all but Ulster failed).

So far, I’ve been glad to have the extra vigor from Colt. Two of the trees survived last year’s abuse. The Bing scion succumbed (tried to leaf out this spring, but struggled, and then died). It appears the Colt rootstock is trying to re-sprout. If it comes back, then I’ll re-graft it with something else.