Sweet cherry recovers from bacterial canker?

Below is a Vandalay sweet cherry on Gi-3. (Zone 7b)


Last spring when I got it from mail order nursery, it had a look-like bacterial canker dried out wound on the trunk about 12-15 inch above graft union. Experienced a little bit of gummosis last summer and fall. I sprayed some copper soap (RTU) topically numerous times (4-5 times). It stayed in unheated garage last winter. Since this spring, I spray couple times cooper soap again. Now the wound seems growing out, the middle looks like new tissue. Currently, the tree grow very nicely and vigor.

Is this what I think it is (bacterial canker)? or it has other problem? Too good to be true.



very encouraging! Thank you!


Wounds and even growth in places where wood grain is going in multiple direction will often bleed sap. It doesn’t mean it has canker. I have two sweet cherry trees and both bleed sap every year from numerous places. One is 11 years old the other 8. I’m not convinced this is a problem. I have stubbed branches that leak sap like crazy. Both produce well every year. Loaded again this year.

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Check to see if there is an opening or wood dust on the ground. I didn’t know about borers and it almost chewed half the side of the trunk on my sweet cherry. I could see the core of the tree. I found him by digging in there with a knife. There are probably better ways. Cherry trees are pretty tough, it’s healing over now and still producing fruit.