Sweet cherry trees bloom but no fruits, what might be the problem?

Two cherry trees from HD, one is ranier , one is red, don’t remember the name, in zone 6. Both have been in ground for 7 year. Both bloom every year, but never seen any fruits. What might be the problem? what is the best way to correct this?

Rainier Cherry needs to be pollenized by Van, Lambert, Lapins, Black Tartarian, Bing, or one of their derivatives. Your other Cherry is likely missing a pollenizer as well.

Rainier Cherry information from Dave Wilson Nursery

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Not all cherry trees are compatible for cross pollination. Maybe add another.
Check here http://www.raintreenursery.com/Pollination_Sweet_Cherries.html

If they haven’t fruited how do you know one has red fruit? They could both be Rainier or both Bing or whatever for that matter. Both very commonly sold. And if both are the same neither one sets a single cherry without cross pollination.

Get a universal pollinator like Lapins. That will cover most but not all bases.


Thank you, you guys are awesome ! Will add a lapins. Fruitnut, The red cheery because the picture on the label eas red fruits, forgot exactly the name for it has been 7 years.

I was thinking that same thing. May both be Rainier. Considering they came from Big Box I wouldn’t be surprised.

I agree Dave, it could be mislabeled. Good advice about the Lapins.

You could bring home a branch of lapins that is in bloom from a neiboring orchard or friend. Maybe better yet a large tree from a nursery and use a paint brush to brush flowers from the lapins and hand pollinate a couple of branches this year of your cherry trees to see how you like the flavor of the fruit from the unkwown variety. In an ideal world bees will pollinate for you but if you bring a branch home you will need to do the pollinating.