Sweet Chestnut ID (species) if possible?

I have a very small sweet chestnut tree. Been in the ground for 10 years, and it is still only 3m tall.

Not sure why, maybe nutrient deficency or drought through summer. But its amongst other swt chestnut trees that are going normally.

It produces hundreds of small burrs, each with 3 fully filled nuts.

Maybe the species is different to a Castanea Satvia, any thoughts or ideas please.


Perhaps it is a chinquapin? Maybe C. pumila? Or a chinquapin hybrid? That might explain the tree’s small stature—and the smaller nuts.

I bet @castanea would know.

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Where are you growing it?
Where did it come from?

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We are in the UK approx zone 7, on clay.

Clay does slow the growth down, but adjacent sweet chestnuts planted at the same time are growing to 30ft and producing large nuts.

Not too sure if grafted, or a rooted cutting/stooled or even from seed.

It was bought from Portugal, and is supposed to be Judia or Tamba

I have hundreds of seeds just shooting from last seasons harvest, so I will plant a few and see what happens in a few years time.

Any ideas on species from leaf shape.


It’s sativa. If you can’t find a graft union it might be a seedling.

How is the nut quality?