Sweet Dream a peach I really like

ACN says very large, highly colored, and very firm but susceptible to bacterial spot. I can vouch for fruit characteristics. Plus add great flavor IMO. It is low acid but I like the flavor at roughly 18.5 brix from my greenhouse.

This is a 3rd leaf tree and I’ve gotten two heavy crops so far. Both yrs it’s tasted excellent and very good dried! Freestone helps a lot with the drying.

I haven’t had many, hardly any, peaches I’ve liked in my greenhouse. Redhaven ripe a few weeks ago was 2/3 the size at best and a very average peach at 13-14 brix.


I think it would have looked better if I’d have gotten pictures before 9 pm this evening. Still I’m happy with my new camera and new peach…!!

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Ha! Ha! 9 pm there and you were taking pics of a peach you loved. 9 pm here and I was taking farewell pics of mine. :smile: Enjoy those peaches double for me!

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Musser has grown in for some time… Seem to rate it highly most years.


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Where did you buy your tree from, please?

Yes they have 8 yrs data. Brix of 11 to 17. Not sure what maturity they measure that at. They do seem to agree that it tastes great.

I believe I got mine from Adam’s County Nursery.

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Thanks, Fruitnut. When you like a peach variety, I pay attention. I can’t seem to find how cold hardy it is.

Ranks near the bottom on cold hardiness. A 6 from ACN. The hardy ones are 8-9. It rates bottom for bacterial spot as well.

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Doesn’t look to be available from anywhere…

Is there any other peaches similar to that? Always seems like nectarines are those low acid types.

Not that I know of. The taste does remind me something of the low acid nectarines. Another peach I have that’s similar is Valley Sweet but that’s even less available. I hated the white flesh low acid peaches but like these two yellow fleshed ones.

Sweet Dream is the only ACN peach that rates 9s for size, color, and firmness.

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All of the peaches with low fuzz like this one proved difficult for me. Low fuzz is like half nectarine. O’Henry and Yukon King are two low-fuzz varieties, and both are challenging.


Thanks, Fruitnut. Not very hardy. Rating that low, not only the flower buds, the whole tree could be killed by our severe winter.

I could be a candidate of my first peach in pot :grin: very tempting.

have to think about a bac spot issue.

Contender would be a better peach for you to try. It’s cold hardy and
requires 1050 chilling hours.

Thanks, Ray. I probably look for Contender scionwood instead of planting a whole tree. Having good success grafting peaches this year is very encouraging.

But Fruitnut’s description of Sweet Dream is quite tempting.

Have you or do you grow any of the standard Texas varieties? I’m thinking of Redskin, Loring, Redglobe and Ranger mostly. Or any of the other commecial varieites around the state. Just wondering how any of those stack up to those west coast varieties.

Sweet Dream is a California peach (developed by Zaiger), and it likely will not perform very well in terms of various resistances outside of Southwest.

BTW, its patent expires in October 2016, so scions can be exchanged and grafted next Spring.

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I just tried Sweet Dream for the first time (thanks @mamuang!) and it was very good.

Brix: 21-22, very large size and decent firmness, even though it was obviously ripe. It is a low acid peach, but at this sugar level, it still has plenty of (sweet) flavor.

The 4 in the upper right are Sweet Dream. To their left, the smaller ones are Arctic Sweet nectarines.


Yes, I got them from Boyer in PA. They said they were their own peaches.

I think Boyer is also in zone 6 so this variety probably can be grown where we are.


It is sold by ACN. Glad you liked the fruit.