Sweet Mix Muscadine

Hey Everybody, Just in case yall have not heard Isons has a new cultivar… “Sweet Mix” muscadine. Description sounds very good! Check it out when you get the chance. Randy/GA


It is just 15-1-1 renamed. Not new. I have a vine that I purchased from Ison in 2008. It is a heavily productive late maturing grape that has to have excellent care to make a decent crop. Heavy pruning and fertilizing mid-summer and after harvest are required. IMO, Ison, Supreme, and Big Red are far better grapes. On the positive side, 15-1-1 is very late which makes it useful to extend the season. The hardest thing with this variety is maintaining the leaf/fruit ratio at a level that produces enough sugar in the fruit.


Thanks for the clarification. Was not aware it was already out there. I do like the lateness…Randy/GA

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