Sweet Potato Cultivation


How is everyone doing on sweet potatoes for 2020?


There are a few varieties of sweet potatoes that are worth extra effort to try sometime in your life. One of them is the Okinawan Purple. The flavor is unique and hard to describe. If you enjoy sweet potato pie, try it made with Okinawan Purple.

Another that is worth digging around and finding is Mahon which is sometimes sold as Bradshaw. It is a good producing orange sweet potato with exceptionally good flavor.

While I don’t grow them now, in the past I grew Georgia Jet. They can mature in short season areas.


Sweet Potatoes in the ground and in pots. Store bought and Nancy Hall. The Nancy Hall seemed to take off faster, but it is early yet.


I ordered skips this year from Sand Hill. I don’t expect to see them before 6/10.


Growing first real garden in nearly 30 years, and got a late start on it, at that, as we were still removing plastic mulch, driptape and irrigation line from last year’s hemp crop well into late May.
But! We pressed the mulch/driptape layer into service…it gathers soil to create a flat-topped raised bed ~26 inches wide(we didn’t use plastic mulch or irrigation for the garden) Probably gonna be ideal for the sweet potatoes, I hope. Seems to be working well for squash, melons, and cowpeas.


My sweet potatoes have runners 2 to 3 feet long. They had little or no runners last week. I think the heat and humidity finally reached a point the sweet potatoes are happy with.


i just harvested some of mine! (just wanted to see if they were ready) Runners were massive… several meters long and flowering for quite awhile already. planted April 1st. 9a/8b.


I do the same! The Asian supermarket sells sweet potato leaves during the winter. I stir fry with garlic and olive oil. How do u cook yours? I root the stems for growing season. So much faster! I do try to root Japanese yams for slips a good few months before early spring.


I cooked the same way a little oil with garlic stir fry. The stem and leaves can be cooked differently. The stem can stir fry with meat( pork,chicken, beef) and the leaves can also stir fry or add to soup


You can buy garden sweet potatoes from garden center that can germinate readily. I’ve had success with store purchases varieties. Easily to plant them. Just need some lead time to grow the slips.