Sweet Tart jujube for zone 9 or long seasons

These are fruit from a seedling tree that I have been calling “Sweet Tart”. They are the last jujube to ripen fruit for me every year. In the next few years I may move to zone 6 where this fruit will not ripen and this tree may be lost because I don’t think anyone has it. I gave wood to Roger Meyer many years ago because I knew he could ripen fruit in his climate but I don’t know what became of it.

If there is anyone in a long season climate like California, Arizona or LAS VEGAS, you might want to try growing this. I’ll send you scionwood for free.

This tree is heavily productive. It might be the most productive jujube I have and I have more than 40 different varieties. The flavor of the fruit is sweet and tart. Fruits that are barely ripe are more tart than sweet, while fruit that is completely ripe is more sweet than tart. I ate about 30 of them today and it was an adventure because I was never quite sure whether I was biting into a predominantly tart fruit or a predominantly sweet fruit. I like them either way but there’s a balance of sweet and tart in the middle that is really good. I’ve been eating a lot of Sherwood fruit lately because they are at their peak right now but these are a very nice change.


this once— i could take a hint(many women say am a bit slow…)

kidding aside, have actually earmarked for you some budwood and hopefully root cuttings of some of our seed-grown cultivars. I don’t think have thanked you enough for your Orange Beauty.
And then again thanks in advance for my future “Sweet Tart”.

truly appreciate the ideas and experience you contribute to this forum, plus reproducible proof of your ideas and experience in the form of plant materials which keep ‘paying it forward’. If remember it right, there were at least three people have shared Orange beauty budwood with, and am sure some or all of them will do the same by sharing with others, perpetuating your goodwill exponentially

jujus don’t just make us feel good planting and eating, but also make us feel good giving away :slightly_smiling_face:


forgot to add-- kind of sad you’re moving sooner or later. Quite certain you’d sorely miss the trees you’ve established all these years…


I still have about 4 weeks to average first frost! I also really like sweet/tart. May I try your Sweet Tart?


PS I only have a bunch of young trees and I hate to think of leaving them…I can’t imagine how it would feel to have to leave an older collection. :disappointed_relieved:

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Sure. Send me a PM.

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This is a root sprout that traveled under a driveway a total distance of about 30 feet from the tree. I cut it to the ground about two months ago and it’s back. I’ve just never seen a jujube this vigorous.

Flowers on the root sprout -


I am calling @Bhawkins. He is in a warmer zone and grows jujubes. He may want your Sweet Tart, too.

Too bad, I am in a forbidden zone!!!

I’d love to try it, but as my land has Cotton Root Rot, spread root to root, I’m downsizing. So I have less space than before. I need to increase the distance between my trees. But if it turns out good for y’all I’ll look again for a spot

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This year’s fruit is finally ready -


And it’s still producing. It’s always the last one to stop.