Sweet wine from grapes

Does anybody grow Grapes for sweet wine around zone 7?

I don’t, but it’s one of the many things I want to do in the future. Zone 7 isn’t specific enough. On the west coast you can grow a lot of varieties that wouldn’t grow well here in the East. On the east coast the concord grape is the standard-bearer. Concord makes a good sweet wine. I’ve loved concord grape wine since I had my first communion growing up as a Catholic. Maybe age 8? It’s a good wine, if you like a sweet wine. Manischewitz Kosher wine is made from Concord grapes but I have no idea how good that is, I only know that I like the Catholic sacramental wine that is served in some congregations in the northeast and that this is made in Upstate NY from Concord grapes.

A neighbor has some grapes growing wild. My other neighbor saw them green and identified them as Concord. I was back there yesterday trimming the part of my massive hemlock hedge that’s on their side and tried some of the grapes. Yep, same as I remember them from my grandparent’s house. Not a true wild, probably planted by bird poop from someone else’s concord. It’s too bad it’s just growing up a tree and completely uncared for.

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im in n . maine and concord still rules as then best grape variety up here. love the flavor of it .it is out preformed by others but the flavorr is pale in comparison to concord.

If you are in zone seven Catawba and probably scuppernong, Depending on your climate I think any of the muscats would make it too…as well as reisling, etc

Down south we use the wild muscadine grapes. I back my pickup up to vines growing up a tree and fill the back end up. I’m planting some Black Spanish grapes this year to see how they do for wine.