Sweetcrisp and Springhigh blueberry identification

I bought Sweetcrisp and Springhigh blueberries from Southern Berries USA last year, but I got to know later that this website isn’t particularly well known and that I could have got some other varieties.

Now that I am starting to get some fruit, I wanted to use this thread to ID the plants through the fruit. Here are the first set of pictures.



Hoping someone growing them can help ID?

That’s not much fruit to be sure. Sweetcrisp is the easy one to ID by fruit. The fruits are almost perfectly spherical and the calyx is nearly flat/absent. So it’s like a nearly round ball.

I think your SC may be SC but more fruit needed.

SH is not easy to ID by fruit shape. But it’s bigger and way softer than SC. SC is crunchy, SH is soft and mushy but has very good flavor.

I wish I had both again. My SC I’ve spent 18 months growing isn’t SC.

Sweetcrisp larger fruits do look trending towards spherical and close to flat calyx, I will share when they are ripen. Sorry to hear that your’s didn’t turn out to be SC.

From what I have read, SH is an early variety, but I don’t see them ripening any time soon. Emerald and Southmoon are already starting to. Probably the plant is too young or a wrong variety :frowning:

It is sad that such good varieties are hard to find. Do you know if FHN has improved or still known for sending the wrong plants?

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Ya FHN, that’s why mine isn’t SC. It’s got to be the worst nursery ever. But when SC isn’t available anywhere else we become a sucker again hoping they’ve improved. If I order again I’ll wait until a real nursery has them in stock.

I think FHN must buy up whatever is cheapest and then they always have whatever you need.

Thanks for the heads up, I will stay away from them.