SweetCrisp / Springhigh Blueberry from Southern Berries USA

I recently ordered (still waiting on delivery) SweetCrisp and SpringHigh blueberries from this site. I noticed though that the description looks wrong (it says rabbiteye), so wondering if the actually the sell the correct plants? Anyone else ordered from them?

This business might have been brought up on an earlier post.Besides the Rabbiteye labeling,the accompanying photo is not Sweetcrisp.
Hopefully,that’s the only errors.I’ll be interested in what the plant produces,but I have two of the real ones and too many Blueberries.

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Thanks. I hope they ship the real plants. I will share photos when I receive them, and you can tell me if they match or not :slight_smile:

I really need to see the fruit for identification.Sometimes,the plant’s shape,too.

Ok got it.

I emailed them about the mistake on their website and they promptly acknowledged to correct it. Fingers crossed on getting the correct varities.

Attaching the images of the plants I received:
Spring High: Main twig broken due to bad shipping. The seller agreed to replace it.
SweetCrisp: It looks terrible and disease prone, with orange soot all over it. The seller said they are having issues with their irrigation water that is turning everything orange. He said that the plant should be fine after it sheds leaves in fall and product new growth. I am not so sure, it seems very unhealthy. Do you know what this is?