Sweetest Plum Varieties

I’m interested in adding some plums to my orchard.
I live in zone 8a

What is the best (sweetest) variety of plums? Any recommendations?


Emerald Beaut is going to be near the top.I like Inca and Purple Heart and then there are the Pluots.It can also depend on the location of the trees and how much heat they get,while ripening.
Oh yeah,the Gages and some other Euro Plums.


I have a gage plum, probably green gage, that has gotten over 33 brix.


Likely the gages like a green gage plum.

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@rayrose lives in Charleston and has plums he likes. If he’ll post here that would help. Otherwise PM him. The gages aren’t likely to do well in that heat and humidity. He’ll have some good choices.

Welcome to the forum…!!

The best plums that I grow are AU Rubrum, Santa
Rosa, and the plumcot Spring Satin. The gages don’t do well here, neither does Emerald Beaut.

If you grow all three, you’ll have more plums than you can eat, freeze, and give away. I’m still eating plums from last year.


Is LadyFruit in South Carolina?

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