Sweetest Russian Pomegranates

Hi All, I am new to this chat group.
I am looking for a sweet variety of pomegranate tree with least tart and more sweet cold hardy for zone 7b and not worry about winter care for growing in ground.
I am thinking of the cold hardy Russkies, not sure which is the sweetest. I don’t like tart.
Any advice if you have grown and tasted a cold hardy sweet Pom that can withstand a strong cold winter on ground?


This thread could answer you. You will need to read the whole thread for full info.

Thank you

I have a variety that I believe is more cold hardy than any of the Russian ones, not by much, it’s sweet, yet I am not sure how sweet yet. I have not tried the fruit yet. It’s called ‘Faye’s Paintbrush’, yet I don’t have any spare right now, read here


Interesting…keep us posted…

I have a Kazake (I believe, there were two varieties in my yard and only 1 has survived) and though it has never fruited for me, it is growing strong

Though I am well north of you


Yes it gets about 15 degrees colder where you are, VS where I live. here gets down to about 3 degrees Fahrenheit every now and then, even though we are supposedly 7b

Would like to know which of these is the most sweetest if anyone has grown the fruits.

Surh-Anor R33
Lyubimy, DPUN 121(akaFavorite)
Kaj-acik-anor R9
Kazake R30