Sweetest Table Grape for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

I would like to grow couple grape vines in my back yard. I m looking for sweetest seedless variety. Few yrs ago i bought few from lowes or homedepot. Only one (dont remember the name but it was red seedless) suvived. The taste was horrible. So i got rid of it.
Can someone share their knowledge.

Somerset Seedless, Marquis and Himrod are all worth checking out.

Thank You. I will check them out for sure.

I have a Reliance; and ite VERY sweet when fully ripe.I give them another week or so after they initially turn red to pick… they get much sweeter. Raintree has a zone 4 var. called Einset that supposedly tastes great, with strawberry overtones. Should survive in Pa. Their Canadice is supposedly quite winter hardy; too. Description says delicious, spicy Concord like flavor & very productive

I grew up in pakistan eating Sundarkhani grapes. I have not discovered anything like sundarkhani here yet. Once in a while i have foun green small grapes in middle eastern and chinese stores which are pretty close to sundarkhani. However they are always in generic card board packaging with no name. shopkeepers have no idea of their orgin.
This year i ordered 3 lakemont vines n 3 sweet seduction vines (based on description only) from raintree nursery. Lakemonts survived but Sweet Seductions are dead. Have to wait for 3 years to find out how sweet are lakemonts.


Any idea where to buy cotton candy, moon drop and witches finger grape vine? Or are these protected by patents.

Yeah; I’m thinking about trying the sweet Seduction grape too… golden seedless are rare. Too bad it died on you. I have a Marquise ( Sp. ?) Grape & it’s very good. I planted a Somerset; ( red seedless w/ strawberry overtones) and a Fredonia; ( black seeded- for jelly & juice) up @ our N. Mn. cabin 2 yr.s ago… waiting for fruit on them yet.

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I’m not familiar with those three.

I am looking for Sundarkhani too for a long time and have no luck. If you recently tried its taste is not same like 20 years ago but still pretty good I tried when I visited Pakistan earlier. I am growing Reliance and it survived winter will taste this year.

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Google them. They are pretty new varieties. Cotton Candy is available in high end stores. It actually taste like Cotton Candy.

Where do u live in usa and what grapes and apricots u have. I really enjoyed ur post fig cuttings DoE.

Thanks I am in Maryland Ellicott City. I only have three grapes Reliance, Crimson Red Seedless
Thompson Seedless. I will keep only Reliance because of its hardiness other two will be pulled out.
I have only two Apricots Harko Nectarine and Moorpark two year old.

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