Swenson’s Red and Hope


Do the fruit in the first picture stay funny shaped?

Is that Swenson’s Red?


Hi! No the picture is Hope the green seedless grape. They look funny to begin with but as they get fatter they become more round, but still maintain a bit of its oval shape. They surprised me too when I first saw them a few years ago. Its a very nice table grape.

All my table grapes died last winter from Pierce’s disease. :cry: At your latitude you should never see Pierce’s disease.

My Concord vines and one N.Y. Muscat vine are still living though. Going to cook jelly tomorrow.:grinning:

How did your Swenson Red jelly turn out last year?

You never heard about my jelly attempt again as it was a total bust! I ended by canning grape juice and not jelly. It would not set, pectin and all. My husband liked the juice. I have pruned the smaller bunches already so my grapes are larger this year. No rain, they should be sweeter too. I picked Hope a little early last year. Sweet but tart. Should just be sweet. I have a lot of grapes this year. The jam I want to make though is from my Concords. I have to wait so long to pick them; Sept.-Oct. do not know what to do with Swenson this year. Try jelly one more time? I have soooo many as it is a prolific grower.

I made jam from my Swenson Red several years ago, it was excellent! I never tried jelly but there could be more pectin from the skins in jam. I think I cooked up all the grapes, let cool a bit, and pushed through a mesh strainer. I did two batches, one set well and one is a little runny at room temp (OK served from fridge though). It may be worth adding a bit of pectin to get a more reliable set.

I took the vine out since my family won’t eat seeded grapes, but I miss it.

Scott it is an excellent tasting grape. The flavor reminds me of the taste of those gigantic grapes from Italy, but in a smaller package. I do not mind the seeds if the grape is large enough. This year they will be. I remember I planted it on your recommendation. I’m after taste! It is six or seven years old this year. Hope on the other hand is such a slow grower. Both grapes were planted on the same day. Hope only has five clusters on the entire vine. That is almost disappointing, the good news is the clusters/bunches are large this year. Just takes time. Love them both. Beautiful on a platter with cheeses after dinner. :grapes:

How does NY Muscat taste? I have three growing in containers, should I be excited about planting them in the ground?

Well, @scottfsmith would be more able to answer your question as I am sure that he has had more success with the N.Y. Muscat vine than I. I can tell you that this variety is a shy bearer with a non vigorous vine. What few N.Y. Muscat grapes I got this year, I just put with my Concords to make jelly.The birds got most of them.

I will say that I think that the N.Y. Muscat grape has an unique taste unlike other grapes that I have tasted. Sort of what I would expect a Moscato wine grape to taste like. Its hard for me to describe. I guess muscat flavor, whatever that is. Might be best described as a sort of musky flavor, I dunno. I planted the vine as a curiosity more than anything else.

I have drank some Muscat wine but it would be tough for me to describe that taste too. Okay I guess, its been awhile.

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I think your description is similar to what I would say. I have been growing it for years but never gotten many grapes from it. It has a very good flavor which is why I keep it, maybe one of these years it will start producing more.

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