Swenson's Red Jelly

Finally! Only got six half pints out of my small harvest, which is fine as we could not eat all of them!


How pretty! I’m too lazy to attempt jelly- simple preserves is all I try. :-)M


Your doing more than I am. I only freeze a few fruits.

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But you play tennis!

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Looks good. I want to try making some Jupiter jam.

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Let me know how it tastes. We will try this tomorrow.

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Is it time for me to be MrG?

I was about to apologize for hijacking the thread, but I see you started it.

There were many fewer Jupiter grapes left than I expected, and after a week of rain and cool weather, the were plump, sweet, flavorful, and delicious. Much better than the last time I tried when I thought they were a bit sour and not as good as I remembered.

So it was hard not to just eat them all fresh.

I made a jam sample with a couple of cups of grapes. It came out pretty with a good texture, but not a lot of Jupiter flavor and too sweet. I eyeballed the sugar, thought I wasn’t going nuts with it. No pectin, so I cooked it down which was quick with such low volume.

I’m sure my family will like it, just not as special as I’d hoped. Tastes kind of like white raisins, not a ton of muscat.

Maybe I’ll try some with Reliance. They are right off the back porch and the rain has caused them to start cracking. I guess Jupiter’s slightly tough skins are good against that.

edit: btw, there were a few pretty big vestigial seeds, soft but obvious while cooking. I didn’t notice them in my couple of sample tastes, will see if they are noticed in the rest. I didn’t use a foodmill, sieve, or immersion blender, just mashed the grapes with a serving fork.

My Red Swenson jelly is fabulous. The flavor has a hint of a good fruity wine. The recipe asked for buckets of sugar, which it did not need as the grape is naturally very sweet, so I added powdered pectin. You want to eat it without bread! :grinning: