Swiss Limbertwig Scion

Down to the last 50 pieces of rootstock, gave away some to Preacher Jonah Parker on the Brushies cause he was sickly this winter and didn’t order.

The Swiss Limbertwig is different than ANY of the other LT scions. It’s big dia, buds are set close still big dormant, and bark is slick black. It looks different.

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How many different Limbertwigs are you planning to grow/ have you grown? The only one I have is a 2020 order Black Limbertwig bench graft from 39th Parallel, so I have a long ways till trying it. I figured “a Limbertwig is a Limbertwig”, but now you have me questioning if I should be trying to get more varieties.

There are about 50 named varieties as I understand. The nursery in NY state shorted me about 20 pieces of rootstock 118. I’m in a pickle tonight trying to finish.

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I still have several too…including some big diameter B10.
Have Red Royal and Black …but no fruits yet.

In my orchard and to my taste buds Myers Royal is the winner followed by Red Royal and Kentucky. I had a few tasty Victoria and Black also but not enough to toppled my first three picks. My Brushy Mountain has been disappointing so far, a very hard apple that perhaps needs storage time to improve, I just haven’t gotten around to saving some. I have many more varieties on young trees that sadly the cicadas ravaged last summer so I will need several years to recoup the growth on those trees.


I have a BUNCH of Brushy Mtn in the cooler, want some?

I got shorted 18 pieces of 118 stock by Cummings, and it was kind of junky too, badly cut and the sizes were all over the board. I just ordered replacement. I don’t have Kentucky but next year if living, I’ll add some others, so far I think there are 12-15 varieties in the mill.

You have good hand writing, easy to follow your scion labels!

Putting up a constant high volt charger on 5 strands today, that ought to slow those crappy-creatures down a bit, hope I can hear the zap and smell the fur burn!

The BMLT taste/texture lends to aging. I don’t have the room to save these trees in ground, so maybe my plan to gift locally will make scion available.



They interest me because the majority of them originated in this part of the country. None have fruited, I’ve yet to taste a single Limbertwig. I’m confident that I’ll like at least some of them though, I’ve grafted 12 different cultivars (so far) :slight_smile: