Synonyms among persimmon variety names

Does anyone have a document that maps Korean persimmon names to Japanese variety names and/or U.S. trade names? For example, the recent OGW release Phoenix is identified as the Korean variety Dogeunjosaeng, which appears to be the sane as the Japanese variety Tonewase. I’m looking for this information across as many varieties as possible.

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What I’ve noticed is the Korean names for Japanese varieties are normally just their reading of the corresponding characters used to write the cultivar name. For example Dogeunjosaeng is just the Korean transliteration of 刀根早生 which is read as Tone Wase in Japanese. Many Japanese names can be represented by Chinese characters and there are Korean readings for such characters. You can probably produce some accurate transliterations through a translation app if you know how to write the Japanese name. Another example is Taishu (太秋)becoming Taechu in Korean.

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Just a heads up: there are Japanese apple, fig, and persimmon cultivars with identical names.

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Awesome! But I need help. . . . How mechanically do I make such transliterations? For example, when I try it in Google the name Taishu written in Japanese characters (大衆) is translated to the following in Korean:



Obviously that’s not the same as what you got. :slight_smile: