T-buds starting to grow *pics*

It looks like a few of my T-buds are starting to grow. I thought it would be fun take pics every couple weeks to show the new growth. I’ll update this thread every couple weeks. These were T-budded about a month ago.( I didn’t think to take pics at the time of t-budding)

A cherry, pic taken 5/13 I clipped the top off the rootstock right after I took this pic

Same tree on 5/25 It’s hard to see, but the bottom graft is growing also

2n1 peach/nectarine 5/13

Same tree 5/25


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Looking good!!

I T budded apricot, peach, nectarine, and pluot onto K1 in June last yr. They are 6ft tall and a few even have fruit. Pretty good especially considering the K1 was planted in March, 2014. I use budding rubbers and get 90% takes except on sweet cherry. They seem more particular. I think I’ve tried them too many times when the bark wasn’t slipping well enough.

I added one new picture of the 2n1 peach/nectarine. It has been in the mid-80’s all week and it has really taken off. I didn’t take an updated pic of the cherry, the bottom graft shriveled up and the top graft has only grown a tiny amount. I’ll update this thread again in another week or so,