Table Grapes: Einset, Skookum, Petite Jewel, Montreal Blue, ect. Experiences?

So I have approximately 6 spots left in my 2 rows for new grapes. This includes growing up from the row anchors as well as pulling out 2 of my vines I was not happy with last year.

I found a new site for hardy grapes and essentially went crazy buying nearly one of each.

I’m now trying to decide what will be planted at home in my rows vs what will be planted at a friends place along a chain link fence that will receive a lot less care.

I am debating on planting the more tender vines at home where I can shovel snow of them all winter and the hardier vines at the 2nd site. Once I taste them all and see disease pressure I may make changes.

I am growing already:
Somerset - crazy hardy and the most tasty grape I have ever tasted
Concord Seedless - has seeds so think is regular concord.
Petite Pearl - Tiny with huge seeds. Pulled out.
Swenson Red - no grapes yet
Vanessa - no grapes yet
Valiant - no grapes yet
Reliance - no grapes yet
Bluebell - no grapes yet
Catawba - no grapes yet and probably too late for my zone

I have ordered the following grapes. Does anyone have any experience with them with regards to fresh eating characteristics?
Prairie Star (-35C). Seeds.
Brianna (-30C) seeds. Good resistance. Mid.
PETITE JEWEL (-23C) seedless. Resistant.
EINSET (-25C). Seedless. Fungus. Mid season (fin sept)
SKOOKUM – (-23C). backyard. Green. Late.
ROLAND (-35C) seeded. Green. Very early. Exceptional taste.
HIMROD (-23C). Green. Seedless. Resistant. Mid season (fin sept)
Kay Gray (-35C) seeds. Very resistant. Green. Mid season (fin sept)
SWENSON WHITE (-35C) seeds. Green. Mid season (fin sept)
MONTREAL BLUES (-32C) seedless. Late.
Trollhaugen (-32C less disease montreal blue) seedless. Very early.
CANADICE (-25C) good resistance.
Rene Bleu (-26C). Seedless. New release 2017.

Safe bets would be Prairie star, Brianna, Roland, Kay Gray, Swenson White and Montreal Blues. But based on internet comments I really want to try Einset (hear is tough to grow), Skookum, Rene bleu, Brianna, Roland.

Any tasting/growing experience with any of these?

HFC, i don’t think I’ve read how much heat you need to get Brianna to full ripeness but here in the Salt Lake area it’ll get to 27* brix with good flavor. I don’t grow it because I can buy it pyo locally. I’ve never asked the grower but the vines look great at harvest so it should be healthy don’t know if it is winter hardy where you are but it’s a nice grape.

Thanks! Good to know.

My Prairie Star ripened its first fruit last year. They are small but I thought were a very pleasant sweet mild flavor. I only had three small bunches so didn’t eat a lot. See my post Short Season Grapes for some photos. It is quite a petite plant as well as petite berries. A nice complement to Marquette which I liked a lot as well. Neither as easy eating as the larger Bluebell though. It was an unusually warm long season last year though so it will be interesting to see how they do in a cooler year.

I grew Kay Gray many years ago – they were pleasantly sweet and mild, especially compared to Valiant which was my main grape back then. Made nice juice together. It couldn’t ripen a crop many years and a lot of winterkill so I finally dug it out, but it was much colder and longer cold then than now so I think I will give it a try again. Size was larger than Valiant, between Bluebell and King of North.

Thanks for sharing your experience. Looking forward to getting some fruit from Bluebell but probably not until next year.

Hi! Is Brianna a slipskin? Is it soft/crunchy?

No fruit yet. Perhaps 2019.

Thanks :slight_smile: , maybe @Vinegaroon knows?