Take Care with Dogs and Other Animals Being Exposed to Slug Pellets Containing Metaldehyde

I saw this article when reading jujubemulberry’s post about an old Mulberry tree.I didn’t know that the stuff could have this effect. Brady

This is why many folks use iron phosphate in oatmeal chelate; e.g., Sluggo. Your pets (my pets) can eat it all day and it is a fertilizer for your plants.

Tip: The oatmeal is also an attractant. Spread it around the borders of your planting beds instead of directly on the plants.


some self-lighting charcoal(loaded with metaldehyde) can result in ‘hangover’ symptoms on the person doing the grilling, just by sniffing the fumes. Nausea, vomiting, splitting headache, etc.

I did a Google search for charcoal briquets metaldehyde MSDS and couldn’t find any with metaldehyde.

For example:

maybe not here, but if you’ve been to other countries, metaldehyde and its other toxic cousin metaformaldehyde were used, and perhaps still in use by military, american or otherwise, as portable solid fuel. GI joe’s stuff elicits serendipity among peoples of foreign lands. Coating regular charcoal with grated solid fuel quickly came to mind

Thanks Richard,that’s good to know. Brady

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