Take off flowers of young persimmons?

Hi, I have a very young grafted giambo persimmon. It has a few flowers, should I pick the flowers off to promote growth?

I don’t know how you manage to get flowers off of that small plant. I’m still waiting on flowers from my 3 year old persimmon tree.

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In my expierence, young persimmons tend to drop their fruit anyways. That may be the case with your young graft, but id pinch them off anyways just to make sure. Many people would rather have more fruit next year and none this year, verses 1 or 2 fruits this year and less fruits next year.


Yes, remove the flowers. They won’t have time to ripen anyway even if they turn into fruit. I’ve seen this happen where persimmons flower on growth later in the season. Letting the flowers get larger will only take energy from your tree that it could use to grow more leaves and stronger branches.

I have a regiment of fertizers, like fish and Miracle grow, bone meals, etc. Pretty common stuff.

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Thanks everyone!!